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Clinic Information


SATH The weight management clinic is the first of its kind in Europe , and aims to provide an outstanding service to clients and veterinary surgeons alike. Cases referred to the clinic will be investigated and treated in the same professional manner as with all of the referral services the hospital provides. Given that this is a referral service, we can provide more than would normally be available through your usual veterinary practice.
Additional benefits include:
  • A thorough consultation and clinical evaluation . The initial consultation usually lasts 60 to 90 minutes, and covers all aspects of your pet's lifestyle and previous medical history

  • Blood tests and urine analysis. These tests check the health status of your pet, and assess whether there may be related problems (e.g. hypothyroidism – under-active thyroid gland).

  • Blood pressure measurement. All pets have their blood pressure checked at the time of the consultation.

  • DEXA scan. With our DEXA scanner (not available at standard veterinary practices), we can accurately measure the amount of adipose (fatty) tissue present in the patient and, thus, calculate how overweight they really are. This is more precise than the standard estimates of obesity.

  • Regular follow-up contact. Because we employ a veterinary nurse who runs the clinic full-time, we maintain regular contact to ensure that the weight loss programme is a success. This includes telephone contact and regular ‘weigh-in' sessions, all of which are free-of-charge.

  • Reports to your veterinary surgeon. We keep your usual veterinary surgeon informed, by writing reports on a regular basis.

  • Subsidised service. All of the consultations and tests directly related to the weight problem are free-of charge. In addition, you also get the first bag of the prescription diet free!

  • Your pet may be asked to wear a tracker device before and after weight loss.

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